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Deep Essence Counseling

11380 Southbridge Parkway, Suite 222
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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

for Deep Essence Counseling

I have a business Facebook page, a Twitter account and LinkedIn. You are welcome to follow me and or Like me on any of these pages. However, please do so only if you are comfortable with the general public being aware of the fact that your name is attached to Aqsa Zareen Farooqui, or Deep Essence Counseling. If you would like to follow me on any of these media, you might want to consider using an alias to keep your connection with me confidential, but that is entirely your decision (If Applicable).

Google, etc.: It is my policy not to search for my clients on Google or any other search engine. I respect your privacy and make it a policy to allow you to share information about yourself with me as you feel appropriate. If there is content on the Internet that you would like to share with me for therapeutic reasons, please print this material out and bring it to your session.

Twitter & Blogs: I may post psychology news on Twitter or write an entry on a blog. If you have an interest in following either of these, please let me know so that we may discuss any potential implications to our therapeutic relationship. Once again, maintaining your confidentiality is a priority. I would recommend using an RSS feed or locked Twitter list, which would eliminate you having a public link to my content.

In summary, technology is constantly changing, and there are implications to all of the above that I may not realize at this time. Please feel free to ask questions, and know that I am open to any feelings or thoughts you have about these and other modalities of communication.

Love & Light