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Women’s issues

Are you a woman who is stressed out? Do you feel overwhelmed, tired, helpless, hopeless or exhausted?

Is unmanageable stress is a part of your daily life?


Do you feel/experience:


• Restlessness/Edginess
• Overeating/ Lack of Appetite
• Hypersomnia/Hyposomnia
• Stomach problems
• Racing Thoughts
• Irritability/Resentment/General Dissatisfaction
• Inability to Concentrate/Confusion/Forgetfulness
• Impulsivity
• Excessive Fatigue

If this sounds like you, please read on.


Accumulation of stress over time can lead to more serious problems; including but not limited to:
Migraines/ Chronic backache **
Irritable Bowel Syndrome**
Major Depression
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Suicidal and/or Homicidal Thoughts
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Addiction to food
Addiction to Alcohol and/or Drugs
Excessive use of OTC drugs
Self-destructive behaviors.
Destructive relationships
Rage or resorting to physical altercations.
Counseling can help you manage your stress before it starts to damage you and your relationships.

I have ten years of experience in helping women with stress and other related issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship and abuse concerns. I love what I do and have guided numerous women to experience more happiness, joy and love in their life.
If you are willing and motivated to be an active participant in therapy, change is possible.
I have several years of training and experience counseling women and utilize an individualized approach to working with each client. I believe the single most important factor that leads to long-term change is the therapist-client relationship. My primary goal is to listen to you attentively and nonjudgmentally. I will validate, support and guide you as you talk about the things that matter to you the most.

I will provide my services to you in a confidential and comfortable environment.
Additionally, I will give you tools that you can use to effectively reduce your stress and feel happier. Below, I have listed some of the techniques that I use with clients.
1. Assertiveness skills (learning how to say no)
2. Visualization (creating a mental, peaceful picture that you can use in stressful situations).
3. Intentional silence/meditation (taking a few minutes every day to clear your head).
4. Journaling (recording your dreams, thoughts and feelings, finding themes and reflecting upon daily events)
5. Deep Breathing (practicing conscious breathing so that you can feel calmer quickly and effortlessly).
6. Education (providing you with handouts that you can apply at work and home).
7. Prioritizing (spending more time on what you want so that you feel more fulfilled every day).
8. Slowing down (pacing yourself so that you can enjoy the present moment).
9. Boundaries (discussing space, physical, emotional and sexual boundaries so that you enjoy more fulfilling relationships).
10. Awareness (recognizing and challenging old patterns and beliefs, so you can choose to act differently). 

With counseling, women have experienced benefits such as:

1. A sense of innate peace.
2. A deeper acceptance of self and life.
3. A feeling of empowerment.
4. More fulfilling relationships.
5. Feeling happier.
6. Feeling calmer.
7. Feeling more confident at work.
I can work with you: individually, with you and your partner, and/or with you and other family members.