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In hypnotherapy, we begin by creating a deeply relaxed state (not an unconscious one, however), focusing on your mind and your senses. In this state you connect more deeply with your subconscious. You begin to experience a heightened response to positive words and suggestions created for your benefit. You relax and gain deeper contact with your emotions, feelings and intuitions. When you are ready, you can bring to the surface conflicts and self-defeating patterns from your past which have held you back. Hypnotherapy allows you to bring them from your subconscious mind to awareness in your conscious mind. This process helps you gain greater insight and clarity, lift repressions and heal through cathartic release, allowing you to move on to thought and behavioral changes.

Through hypnotherapy you can revisit early self-defeating beliefs you have developed about yourself and then work to actually rewrite your “life scripts” to include healthy new patterns of thought and behavior.

Additionally, we empower you by tapping into and developing your unconscious strengths. We call them your positive shadow parts!