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Couples Counseling

Would you like to experience a deep, heartfelt connection with your partner? Couples counseling helps you enhance communication with your partner and feel peaceful within yourself. The purpose of this type of counseling is to help people connect at a spiritual level. If you are desiring a meaningful, spiritual connection with a partner/loved one, you are in the right place.


Take the assessment below, to find out if this approach to couples counseling will work for you.


1.  Do you desire a fulfilling relationship?  Y     N
2.  Are you committed to self-acceptance and connection?  Y     N
3.  Do you see yourself as a spiritual person?  Y     N

4.  Do you believe you have the power to transform your life? Y     N


If you answered yes to 1,2,3 and 4 this approach will fit your needs.


I approach relationships from a  spiritual perspective. As Rhonda Byrne (author of ‘The Secret’) accurately stated, “the most important action to take is the work within you. When that is done, you will be moved in the outside world to receive what you asked for.”

Life continues to teach me that the best information lies within. I spent years asking friends, family and fellow therapists for solutions to my relationship problems. Then, I realized that all my answers lie within.  It's important for you (and/or your partner) to increase awareness of thoughts, feelings and actions. Greater self-awareness helps you make better decisions, enhances communication and increases intimacy.  Eckhart Tolle wrote in The Power of Now, "Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within."


I can teach you to manifest a fulfilling relationship by:


1. Helping you give yourself more of what you need which may include time, attention, love, respect. The more you give yourself what you need, the fewer expectations you will have from others. And the more you are likely to notice and enjoy the love others are giving you.

2. Teaching you the power of gratitude.  I’ll give you concrete methods to be more appreciative of what you have.
3. Helping you focus more on how you say things rather than, what you say. Life is less about the words and more about the energy behind the words. If you are feeling happy when you ask for what you want, you are ten times more likely to receive it.
4. Teaching you meditation. Meditation isn’t about sitting in a lotus position for an hour a day, it’s the process of inviting silence into your life.  The power of silence is highly underrated in our society but the benefits are amazing: More peace, greater creativity and  a higher level of intuitive guidance.

5. Teaching you how to journal.  Instead of sharing every feeling you have with your partner you can acknowledge, honor and respect every feeling you have and be really clear and compassionate towards your feelings. Then, when you feel ready you can speak about it with your partner.  The power of the gap between the feeling and the response to the feeling is probably the most unknown factor in relationships. I can teach you to respond not react to an argument about to escalate.


Whether you come in as a couple or individually, these techniques will help you experience the love you want. As a South Asian woman, I understand, respect and honor unique cultural differences.    

"We solicited Aqsa Zareen Farooqui’s help when as a couple, after many years of marriage, we had problems with our relationship.  I, as a husband, needed to change to be more responsive to my wife’s needs and my wife had to forgive my past behaviors for us to move forward.  We both were committed to give our sessions with Aqsa our best to repair and enhance our marriage.   Aqsa proved to be an ideal catalyst to help solve our relationship problems.   She did this by being an effective listener but more importantly asking insightful questions that changed my thinking in significant ways to give me the confidence to repair the relationship.  My wife benefited from several exercises that Aqsa administered that helped her leave the past hurts behind so we could move forward towards a happier future.  I am happy to say that my wife and I are now enjoying a renewed relationship.  Furthermore, we have the confidence that we will be able to navigate any and all issues that may come up because Aqsa has given us the tools and framework to handle any problems that are at times inevitable when people relate to each other.   Aqsa is thoughtful and skilled in her expertise and was very professional to work with.  I recommend Aqsa with enthusiasm and without any reservations for anyone struggling with relationship problems.  Thank you Aqsa for everything!"- A.T. (2010)