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About Me

I am an artist first, and a healer second. Without being an artist, I could not help others heal. My art is healing. And healing is my art. To me, healing and art are one.


As a fellow artist, I understand what it means to share your talent with others and be appreciated for your work. However, I can relate the pain of being misunderstood and criticized for your art. It takes courage to put the blueprint of your soul out into the world.


Ever since I can remember, I love art. I would write poems and dance to them. I would write journals. I tried cross-stitch, cooking, sewing and singing, all before I was ten years old. I still feel the sting of not being chosen for a poetry competition, even though I worked day and night for it. I know I carry that experience into every piece of art I create. Conversely, I remember the joy of receiving a gold medal for drawing a traditional Pakistani wedding at a Japanese competition.


All of my artistic experiences thus far, are a part of me and I carry them with me on my artistic journey. As I grew older, my interest in art became limited to an elective I took at Agnes Scott College. I loved the class, but gullibly, I still believed that my true love was biochemistry. It took me another eight years to find my way back to the subject I loved most: art. I revived my dream by writing a play for a fundraiser. Surprisingly, I received accolades for my least favorite plays and criticism for some of the plays I hold closest to my heart. Such is the journey of art.


I love working with artists and helping them heal. Because when we heal our inner artist, we have the potential to heal the world.

As you heal, love and take the risk of being the fullest version of your artistic self, please allow me to be a joyful companion on your journey.

With trust, utmost appreciation and great love,
Aqsa Zareen Farooqui

Love & Light
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