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In honor of 'bad days'

Posted on 7/14/2015 by

In honor of 'sad, low, cranky' days

If you wake up feeling 'low, emotional or cranky," it's okay.

Try not to analyze, judge or wonder:

"Am I getting depressed?"

" Do I need medication?"

" Am on the wrong medication?"

Basically, some version of "is something wrong with me?"

Instead ask yourself:

"What would help me through this slump?"

Am I hungry, angry, lonely or tired?

Maybe I need to eat something. (hunger)

or take a brisk walk (to reduce symptoms of anger).

Call a friend (lonely).

Relax with a book. (Tired).

Allow your body time to recover from a cranky mood.

Often enough, if a bad mood is given love and kindness, your body bounces back quickly.

And who knows, you might end up writing a really good poem, story or song that can often stem from the low days.

Best of luck and have a wonderfully kind Tuesday.