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Honoring the energy you have now.

Posted on 2/7/2015 by

Be where you are now.

Most of us wish we had more energy.

Today, try something different. 

Honor the energy you have now.

Here is a technique to help you.

1. Notice the feelings in your body. Do you feel tight, low energy, fatigued, delighted, high energy, numb, grateful, angry, sad, upset?

2. Name the feeling out loud. I feel ____________.

3. Now, ask the feeling what it would like. 

So, what would you like me to do?

4. Listen, listen to the answer. 

It could be simple. rest, take a walk for a few minutes, sleep, etc.

5. Last but not least, follow it. 

 If you can't follow all of it (if you are at work), follow a part of it. For example, take a three minute walk, or try a yoga pose for a minute. Do what you can with what you have.