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External validation

Posted on 7/21/2015 by

External validation

Often enough you may do something for the hope of something else.

For example, work in the hope of making money.

Call someone in the hope that they will appreciate your call and call you back.

Help someone in the hope that they will help you.

As long as your action is tied in the hopes of gaining something else, there will be a sense of disharmony in the body.

It's a subtle difference. You may be successful, have lots of friends and adoration but the feeling of emptiness will still be there.

On the other hand, if your actions are just for the joy of it, the feeling you receive (the greatest external validation there is) is the only gift.

But it feels enough, you feel whole and connected.

Before taking any action today, ask yourself:

"Am I doing this in the hope of gaining something else?"

If the answer is yes, just breathe and say out loud " I ask that my action be taken for the sake of joy."

And/or Change the action a tiny bit.

Do a little less, so that your feeling shifts from expectation to fulfillment.

For example, if you were planning to buy someone a car, buy them a toy car instead.

A silly analogy, that can really help put things in perspective.

Wishing you the most joyously fulfilled Tuesday.

Much love.