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Posted on 6/29/2015 by


Our society talks a lot about closure. Basically, in order for you to move on, you have to get a certain something, e.g. hear a certain set of words, receive a gift, have a certain kind of dream etc. Until then, the agony continues.

But sometimes, closure is just not available. It could be that the other person is not ready to have the conversation, or no matter how hard you try your mind, body and soul is just not willing to let go.

If you happen to be experiencing lack of closure, here is a technique to help.

Take a moment. Close your eyes for a few seconds.


Ask yourself, "what is the thought/belief that prevents me from moving on?"

You might hear " I have to get closure to be okay."

Why won't he call me back?

Why am I here? Why did this person leave without trying?

I can't give up.

Once you hear the thought, breathe into it.

Notice where you feel it in your body.

Ask for the knot to be untied.

E.g. " I ask for this energetic connection that prevents me from moving on to be released."

And breathe again.

Then, let go.

Be okay with not having closure. Every time you notice the pain in your system, say out loud or in your head

"Sometimes, it's okay to not have closure."

Repeat as needed.

Best of luck.

And have a glorious Monday.