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Am I on the Right Path?

Posted on 10/27/2015 by

Am I on the Right Path?

As you walk through life, you may have goals.

Goals for the perfect relationship, a loving partner, a good relationship with your family, a certain amount of money in your bank, having children etc.

When you see anything run counter to your goals- basically anything in the external world implying that you are 'losing your goal- e.g. breakup, financial loss, incessant arguing etc' ask yourself the one question to bring you back to peace.

"Am I on the right path?" Surprisingly, the answer is yes most of the time. And if not, you can always take a small step to be back on your path.

Because what matters most in life is following your path.

The goal may be achieved at some later point in time or the goal may metamorphoisze into something different than what you imagined.

But the deep knowledge that you are following your path is priceless: it can lead to a much more fulfilling life.